Available Spaces

FloorFunctionArea of the spaceStatus
G2Underground car park
G1Underground car park
1Retail space174.3 m²Available
1Retail space246 m²Available
1Retail space195.8 m²Leased
2Office125.8 m²Leased
2Office133.8 m²Leased
2Office609 m²Leased
2Office100 m²Leased
2Office220 m²Leased
2Office104.3 m²Leased
3Office1105 m²Leased
4Office110.5 m²Leased
4Office92.3 m²Leased
4Office111.3 m²Leased
4Office106.9 m²Leased
4Office89.6 m²Leased
4Office102 m²Leased
4Office115.9 m²Leased
4Office85.9 m²Leased
4Office90.6 m²Leased
5Office1123.2 m²Leased
6Office433 m²Leased
6Office330 m²Leased
6Office320 m²Leased
7Office184.4 m²Leased
7Office147.4 m²Leased
7Office251.4 m²Leased
7Office117 m²Leased
7Office279 m²Leased
7Office75 m²Leased


Indrek ToolLease Information
Mai KellHouse Manager